Safety Inspections

Have you ever tried to pack sardines into a can? Well neither have I! But sometimes getting our kids into their car restraints can feel like a similar battle, I presume!

Rear facing britax graphene with tether conversion completed

Safety Inspections

They’re flailing around fighting your every move, the restraint won’t sit still, the harness is slipping off, bloody hell why is it slipping off?! You know you’ve tightened them, but your older child keeps showing up on your centre console mid drive and you can’t work out how no matter how many times you warn them you’ll have to sell the car and take a bus if it keeps up!

-Is the restraint installed correctly

-Is the restraint correct for the child who occupies it age

-Is the restraint sized appropriately for the child using it

-Are there any obvious faults on the restraint or the vehicle position it will use

-How to maintain an optimum installation and fit for your child

*Some restraints will fail a safety inspection and the booking will either proceed to an installation or will unfortunately be failed. In the case of a failure, a new restraint will be recommended.

Everything just looks a little off…

You can’t put your finger on what it is that’s causing you this eye twitch every time you hop in the car!

Well, have I got news for you! For the bargain price of $15 a Be Seated 19 point Safety Inspection can address all of this, and a little bit more.*

There’s no need to keep feeling stressed over car trips, when for $15, together, we can solve all your woes. What do you say?

Do you want to feel more confident?
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Client Love

Kasey was so lovely to deal with. She is just so friendly and super efficient. You can tell that she has so much knowledge in her area of expertise too.

Tamlyn Gill

Thanks Kasey for your super efficient service, we really appreciate your help.

Sarah Reilly

I always get my seats checked and/or fitted with Be Seated.

Love how efficiently the job is done and that none of my questions are too silly!

Would not use anyone else!

Kate Troschke