Car Restraint Installations

Have you ever looked at the new car restraint you bought for your child and wondered to yourself “how the flip does this rocket ship go into my car?!”

It’s ok, I did this too!

Remi extended rear facing baby car seat Britax Graphene

It’s here, Me, Be Seated is your Solution in Shining Armour!

So naturally you grab the instruction manual, full of confidence in yourself you can work out this everyday parenting task, only to realise you missed the gibberish language classes in high school and can’t decipher what you’re reading. Crap, what now? You’re going to have to come up with a solution fast, you have an appointment this week and you’ve already taken the old restraint out!!

  • Mobile or on-site (Kilsyth) services
  • How to use your child restraint
  • How to maintain an optimum harness fit through all stages of growth
  • How to install and uninstall your child restraint from your vehicle
  • How to conduct basic routine safety checks
  • Handy tips and tricks to make your child car travel journey as simple as it should be – every time
  • How to get the most out of your investment, and maximise its capabilities of keeping your child/ren safe when travelling in the car.

Be Seated is more than just an install service, I’m also a mum who understands the importance of not only keeping children safe in the car, but how to do that ourselves, sometimes from the comfort of our own driveway.

So where shall we do this?

Your place or mine?

Client Love

Thanks so much for helping install my capsule in both cars. You’re great and I appreciate your time to teach me how to do it safely myself. If I buy a new car seat in the future I will definitely have your help again.

Jessica Stirling

Kasey was a pleasure to work with. She popped over to our home to install three car seats, two in our car and one in Nanna’s car. She was professional, efficient and just so genuine about her desire to help parents/carers gain confidence with their car seats. She definitely eased my anxiety and answered all my questions. Would highly recommend!

Linny Xavier

Kasey was so quick and efficient, this made everything so easy, being able to stay home and have her come show me everything so I’m comfortable, will definitely use again, I’ll be recommending her to my friends.

Rebecca Lauren