Child Restraint Cleaning

Have you pulled your child out of the car recently, and found they’ve been bringing the day care sandpit home with them along with the regular stash of sultanas, and hidden rock collection in the depths of their restraint?

Maybe it’s time you thought about pulling it out and cleaning it?

Child Restraint Cleaning

But can you really be bothered doing it yourself? Besides, there was that time your friend did hers and then everyone at mums group told her she completely destroyed her restraint doing it herself, something about a fabric explosion or small house fire? Is it really worth all the hassle when you could book it in with me instead, I’ll have it done in a day AND I wont set fire to your laundry!

Drop off and collect from Kilsyth with a 24-hour turnaround, following manufacturer guidelines every step of the way, no harsh chemicals or steam around here! What more could you ask for…

– Safety inspection upon drop-off

– Remove all fabrics and prep to be cleaned, thorough inspection of the restraint shell

– Fabrics cleaned and sanitised according to the manufacturer’s instructions

– All webbings spot cleaned. Harness buckle receiver cleaned

– Shell vacuumed, sanitised, and wiped clear of all debris and muck

– Fabrics line/air dried

– Restraint and all components reassembled

– Service report written

– Restraint ready for collection/installation 24 hours later – choose your preference when booking